About Peter Perry Insurance Agency Ltd. Insurance and Investment Brokerage in London, ON

Founded in 1978, Peter Perry Insurance Agency Ltd. is a London, Ontario-based Insurance and Investment Brokerage specializing in RRSPs, Tax-Free Savings Accounts, Segregated Funds, Tax Shelters, RRIFs & LIFs, Creditor Proofing, Annuities, Educational Savings Plans, GICs, Individual And Group Benefits, Life Insurance, Critical Illness And Long-Term Care Coverage & Health and Disability Insurance, Mortgage Insurances.

Being a certified and award-winning independent brokerage allows us to custom-tailor financial portfolios to suit your specific needs and easily make amendments as you journey through the various stages of your life. Accordingly, a great deal of our clientele have been with us for decades and we’ve had the pleasure of seeing families grow and change with each new generation that is born.

Peter’s acclaimed background in health and fitness as a Drug-Free World & Canadian Powerlifting Champion and Co-Owner (with his wife Barbara) of Spartan Nutrition Byron makes him particularly mindful of retirement, health and long-term care planning. Peter prides himself on taking a holistic approach to financial planning and incorporating all aspects of life into the advice he provides his clients.

As a further demonstration of Peter’s commitment to his clients’ well-being, all clients of Peter Perry Insurance Agency Ltd. are entitled to a 15% lifetime discount at Spartan Nutrition Byron.

Sharing her father’s passions for health and wellness, savvy investing and the concept of “living within one’s means”, it only made sense that Peter’s daughter, Rose, teamed up with him in 2011 to round out the managerial and marketing aspects of his company, following her graduation with Honours from both the University of Western Ontario and Fanshawe College.

Rose’s well-rounded academic background combined with her experience working as a performer, manager, publicist and booking agent within the entertainment biz provides her with an extensive and unique skill-set she is proud to be able to contribute to her father’s legacy.

In short, Peter Perry Insurance Agency Ltd. is not just a “business” about “family and life planning”. We are also a family-run business.

London’s renowned insurance and investment brokerage, Peter Perry Insurance Agency Ltd., working in conjunction with HUB International, is pleased to be able to carry financial products from a variety of highly ranked companies including: ivari, RBC Insurance, Manulife, Empire Life, Canada Life, Sunlife, Desjardin, Greatwest, Equitable Life and others.

An expert in the field, Peter has conducted numerous guest lectures on budgeting, financial planning and life insurance for a variety of organizations such as: RBC Insurance, Hensal Cooperative and Robert Hunt Corporation.